Tips + Talk Well-Being with Michelle + Jack Canfield

Aug 31, 2022

Show Notes:

Jack Canfield (00:00):

Hey, welcome to the show, everybody. I'm your host, Jack Canfield, and my guest today is Michelle Peck, who has devoted her 20-year career to caring for and teaching others as a nurse, a community health advocate, and an instructor. She is a masterful nurse, storyteller, and inspirational speaker. Michelle has cared for and taught thousands of people in that capacity, and as a caring expert and prominent compassion, resilience and well-being thought leader, she specializes in teaching her students how to grow their potential so that they not only survive but they thrive, and they flourish. Welcome to the show, Michelle.

Michelle Peck (00:37):

Hey Jack, so happy to be here. Thank you. That was a nice introduction.

Jack Canfield (00:42):

Well, thanks for being here. I appreciate it. Can you tell our audience a little bit about your background and how you came to do what you're doing now?

Michelle Peck (00:49):

Oh, Jack, thanks so much. I would love to. As a new nurse around 20 years ago, and also as a business owner running my first company providing care to older adults, I was so busy. I didn't really prioritize caring for myself. I loved helping others so much, but my health really started to suffer. I developed things like fatigue and headaches, back pain, problems sleeping, even problems with my digestion and others, and I knew something had to change. I even considered leaving the nursing profession many times. But instead, I started researching what were the causes of my symptoms, how to get to the roots of them, and how to start healing more naturally. I found that our bodies are so much more intelligent than we give them credit for. Our emotions, our thoughts, and all of our physical surroundings all impact our overall wellness and our happiness. So the answers are not really as simple as eating better or exercising more, it's about understanding your body, and it's a whole system, and how do you address then the root causes of your issues rather than just treating a bunch of symptoms?

We all really truly want to be happy and healthy and lead these productive lives, but sometimes we really get in our way, we hold back, and we get stuck in these limiting beliefs and our world I feel, and many around me feel it's stressful, it's chaotic, it's so exhausting and trust me, I have been just frustrated with my life for many years. I knew though that there had to be a better way, and that's that deep down way, and that's what I've been studying all these years. My journey put me on this amazing path, and it's of self-care, and many years of practicing self-care has improved my life dramatically as well as the people who are around me and surround me and everyone that I care for. Most people are not taught these powerful ways of caring for themselves in school or by their healthcare providers, and they suffer needlessly when they could also be enjoying their lives so much more fully. And this is my mission, helping people learn how do they gain this edge over life's challenges, to learn to care for themselves fully, and to live happier, healthier, every single day, Jack.

Jack Canfield (03:17):

Well, thank you for that, and I know you've developed a program around all this. Talk about some of the benefits if people were to get involved and go through this program with you.

Michelle Peck (03:26):

Oh yeah, sure. My program honors and celebrates anyone who's searching for health, abundance, happiness, harmony, and well-being. What I do is I teach you techniques. We keep calm and centered in chaos and stress, and you also learn how to rebalance your body, mind, and soul. Raising your vibe can be so challenging, but it's completely worth the effort because the benefits of embracing well-being are tremendous. You will experience comfort as you eradicate your self-doubt, your guilt goes away. You create this vibrant health, you boost mental clarity, you will enliven your creativity, and you even then create better relationships and connections with family, friends, even colleagues. And once you embrace your well-being, this means you'll find balance in all aspects of everyday living, and this is very healing for yourself and all those around you.

Jack Canfield (04:27):

I know you have a process that has many steps in it. Can you share a couple of steps with us?

Michelle Peck (04:32):

Oh yeah, sure, I would love to. In caring, everything starts with belonging. So belonging really is the first step. It comes before knowing or doing anything else. The first step is so potent because your best and highest potential, you can't reach it if you don't know how to embrace your belonging. And helping people learn how to embrace their belonging is my favorite part of this program, and it's what changed my life so dramatically when I learned this one step. You can't maintain a balanced body, mind, and soul connection if you don't feel your life has meaning and worth, and belonging really starts with this deep sense of self before anything else can happen, which means that sometimes we've really got to let go of what others think about us and what they feel about us and all of these things and so it's a process, and it takes practice.

Another step is forgiveness, and this is one of my favorite steps too. This is what I really am so passionately helping people reach. If you can forgive yourself and others, it's hard work. But by releasing this energy that ties up in the body, healing becomes effortless. I've been amazed by the transformative power of forgiveness. It empowers us to reach our highest and best potential when we learn how to forgive ourselves, but also we have to learn how to forgive others. Not for things that went our way or not went our way, even we have to think about whether they were intentional or not. There's a lot of aspects of forgiveness, and embracing them and learning how to forgive really helps us then move into what we call compassion, and when you can sit in compassion, you sit in comfort and ease, you raise your vibe, and then you reach what's called the pinnacle of health, caring and healing, and helping people reach this step, Jack, is the most rewarding part of the work that I do.

Jack Canfield (06:31):

That's great. Now, if people want to learn more about you, your program, and all the other steps that they can use, and I'm sure we talked about them, but as you said, it takes work, it takes practice, and then do the practices and so forth. How can they get in touch with you?

Michelle Peck (06:47):

They can just go very simply to my website at, and that will link you to all the work that I'm doing around the world and the work I would love to do with you to help you reach the pinnacle of health, caring, and healing.

Jack Canfield (07:04):

That's great. Well, thank you very much for joining us today, Michelle. I know your program's really powerful, and I encourage people to get in touch with you and to work with you, and to just thank you. Thank you for joining us and sharing this with us.

Michelle Peck (07:18):

Thank you, Jack. It's been such a pleasure to be here with you today and to really embrace this work that we both do with humanity.

Jack Canfield (07:28):

Well, great, thank you very much, and thanks to all of you for watching today. And make sure you tune in again next week. We'll have another guest who's doing great work that you can engage in to take your life to the next level so you can have greater inner peace and joy and prosperity and abundance and have the fulfilling, meaningful life that you deserve and until then, make sure to take some time to nurture yourself and take care of yourself. We'll see you again next week.