The Tools To THRIVE For Professionals

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Complete THREE SHIFTS TOOLKIT in less time than watching an epic movie!


Hello, I'm Michelle 👋

I specialize in caring, thrivability, well-being, resilience, and regeneration.

Let's enjoy learning the whole living system science, tools, and techniques to create vitality + mental clarity + well-being renewal.

All from the comfort of home!


Inside The Toolkit, Discover


Video Minicourse – Let’s tune into our bodies, release stress, expand our abilities, and grow inner peace. This training takes less time than watching an epic movie.

Workbook Exercises – Gain awareness of energy drains, rediscover the body’s intelligence, and nurture renewal. Replace unproductive patterns with healthier ones.

Practice Techniques – Experience how comforting and peaceful synchronizing the heart, mind, and emotions feels. Learn techniques that are so simple we can practice them with our eyes closed.

Bonus Meditation – Align with the five elements in nature and our bodies.

Heart to Brain


Improve mental clarity

Increase intuitive intelligence

Reduce fatigue & exhaustion

Depletion to Renewal


Improve happiness & energy

Grow & nurture relationships

Improve learning & achievement

Reactive to Proactive 


Nurture inner peace

Grow talents & abilities

Improve immune function

Enjoy The Toolkit!

I wanted to create positive impacts when I started my career as a nurse practitioner and business owner. At the time, I underestimated how difficult it would be to manage the unrelenting demands. As a result, I experienced so much exhaustion and bodily pain that I often questioned if doing all I was doing was worth the costs to my health and energy.

After being trained and certified by HeartMath Institute, Chopra Center & Watson Caring Science Institute, I've learned some helpful things. So, fast forward to now, I've co-founded the Academy of Well-Being and authored Self-Caring, so courageous professionals who care about their loved ones, communities, and nature can create thriving futures and experience more well-being.

In Gratitude🔆 Michelle




Five Elements Meditation