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We help our clients grow their capacities + talents to gain mental clarity, vitality, thriving relationships & well-being.


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Imagine transforming stress and worry into vitality, clarity, and thriving relationships. . .

Often it's hard to meet all our daily needs and requirements. That's why we help professionals reach higher response states with easy solutions and well-being. Our Reconnect Method is a whole living system approach to well-being, which stems from the wisdom of the science of life (commonly known as Ayurveda), Caring Science, and modern scientific discovery in heart-mind-emotions. This approach considers the totality of who we are as human beings and focuses on bringing balance to our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic components. 

We specialize in helping professionals:

>>Adapt to change & transitions with ease.

>>Decrease stress, worry & inflammation.

>>Learn how to make greater impacts.

>>Gain mental clarity, energy & creativity. 

>>Embrace purpose, meaning & thriving relationships.

>>Nurture physical, mental, emotional & energetic balance

. . . and much more.

 "I have been uncertain of my next career path for months! But, after working with Michelle and gaining heart sense – I feel confident to consistently show up to not only impact my health but also that of the community I serve."


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Hi, I'm Michelle

My passion is helping professionals move through life in a rejuvenating state of flow, balance, and total well-being. 

 My specialties are:

>>Using science-based techniques

>>Making science easy & enjoyable

>>Transformational group experiences 

>>Caring for self, others & relationships

>>Nurturing reconnection & compassion 

>>Regenerating with whole living systems

>>Helping people optimize their potential

Michelle's Training & Experience

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