Would you imagine transforming stress and worry into vitality, clarity, and flow in everything you do. . .

Often it's hard to meet all the daily needs and requirements that fill our lives. That's why we help courageous people who value caring for themselves, the people in their lives, and their communities reach higher response states that are filled with easy solutions and well-being. Our premier program uses a science-backed training approach with customized tools. 

We specialize in helping courageous people:

>>Reconnect and create thriving lives

>>Decrease stress and inflammation

>>Grow clarity, vitality, and find solutions easily 

>>Sustain loving and growth-oriented relationships 

>>Learn how to make a bigger impact on their terms

>>Improve physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic health

. . . and much more.


We specialize in customization so that our clients gain clarity, vitality, grow connections to themselves and others, and get rid of what's holding them back to make easy solutions a reality.

 "I have been uncertain of my next career path for months! But, after working with Michelle and gaining heart sense – I feel confident to consistently show up to not only impact my health but that of the community I serve."

Stacy Drake, Founder of Stacy Drake Consulting, LLC

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Hi, I'm Michelle


My passion is making thriving SUSTAINABLE🥇 I help people escape the turmoil of daily living so they experience moving through the day in a rejuvenating state of balance.

 My specialties are:

>>Making complex topics clear, approachable & useful 

>>Teaching practices that nurture wellness & well-being

>>Helping people discover & optimize their best potential

>>Using a science-backed step-by-step training approach

>>Creating connections, motivating & compassionate caring 

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Hi, I'm Raul


I am passionate about training teams to increase problem-solving, productivity, connectedness, and ACHIEVE 🥇 well-being to make organizations successful. 

I help teams:

>>Increase productivity and problem-solving

>>Establish new baselines for sustained successes

>>Enhance communication, creativity & collaboration

>>Use practices that support positive energy exchanges

>>Sustain compassionate caring and advance to total well-being

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